See the instructions section below.

Also look at the README in the GitHub repo for this project, or the files section below.

Feel free to make your own base from Lego, clay, toilet rolls and duct tape, or whatever floats your boat, I provide a 3D model to print too.

Notes for other IOT Ecosystems

I see no reason why this would not work with an ESP8266, or other Wifi-enabled Arduino-alike boards. The WiFi and Sensor libraries are very standard, you would have to check wiring etc but the code and design are pretty MCU independent.



The UI lagginess needs solving with a software re-architect to use both cores. One for sensor//motor, the other for webserver, allowing the I2C and Wifi activities to co-exist without blocking each other.

The SparkFun library used for the sensor could be replaced with the genuine ST Micro one, 


Lots can be done in software, both to improve response, but also: