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A project log for Cheap and Cheerful LIDAR demo and dev system

Using a ESP32, VL53L1X Time-of-Flight IR distance ranger and a 5V stepper motor to make a simple LIDAR system

OwenOwen 05/17/2021 at 17:150 Comments

I just did a little update on the project, making sure it still compiles and runs with the latest ESP, ArduinoJSON and SparkFun libraries.

I fixed a bug with #defines that only occurred when building without a custom WiFi setup, and did a little expansion and fixup on the travis build so it tests building in both custom and non-custom  wifi scenarios, it is also now using the released Sparkfun lib, instead of cloning it directly from GitHub.

I also fixed a display related bug when using this from FireFox, and tested it in FFox, and Chrome on Linux and Android.