Breadboard to perfboard

A project log for ABPlayer Mini - AudioBook Player

An audio book player based on the DFPlayer Mini module

AccidentalRebelAccidentalRebel 11/17/2019 at 13:360 Comments

I spent the past few days finalizing both the hardware and software side of the project. Feeling confident that I've covered all my bases I decided to start planning the switch to perfboard.

The circuit is simple enough that it didn't take me long to finish a connection diagram that I was happy with.

It's a little cramped and that's because I wanted to use small this container.

I can't remember what the container was for but the plastic feels really solid so I went with it. My other reason for picking this is that it is slightly transparent. I like transparent containers to show off the insides of my projects.

Before committing fully, I wanted to give myself some practice with soldering so I decided to work on the part with the buttons. Thankfully, I didn't mess up anything but the connections are a bit messy.

Up next I'll work on soldering the other components. There's the challenge of keeping them in place, a problem I plan to solve with my favorite method: Sintra boards.