Log #1: Design rev 1

A project log for Microwth - automated microgreen farm

Microwth enables you to grow your own soilless microgreens indoors to add to your meals

brambram 11/07/2019 at 17:500 Comments

Design requirements

The design of the Microwth has to meet a couple of design requirements:

With these thing in mind I designed and manufactured the first version, that will be used to test different electronic configurations.

Design version 1

The first design on the right allowed for stacking, but after manufacturing and testing proved to have some design flaws.

Improvements in the next iteration

In the next version, I will include cut-outs to easily remove the grow trays, the height will also be reduced to lower the lights, and there will be an extra cutout in the wooden side panels to create a more open design. This version will also include a pump to automate watering for this the bottom height had to be increased to fit the pump.