Log #4 Let's start growing

A project log for Microwth - automated microgreen farm

Microwth enables you to grow your own soilless microgreens indoors to add to your meals

brambram 11/30/2019 at 11:410 Comments

Last week I installed the first motor controller and wanted to start growing, but when I was testing the device I ran into some issues. I wasn't able to upload any program to the ESP it did still run (unlike the other time when I broke the ESP ;)) but it started spitting out garbage over serial after a few seconds. When I took it apart and installed a new controller the issues for this unit were resolved. So I started testing the "broken" controller and to my surprise, I was able to upload code again. I hypothesize that the power source is a bit unstable while the motor is connected and that this caused some issue when I uploaded some software, however when I disconnected only the motor I couldn't get it working either. When I was disconnecting it further I did found a power connection that might have been the culprit, but I don't know for sure. One thing is for sure and that is that there's some noisy power when the pump is running because the OLED starts glitching.

At least the first version is working I added a pull-down resistor to the mosfet to keep the pump off when the system is powered up, and I ran the first successful watering test. I've just sown some microgreens to grow the coming week.

Sown trays stacked and weighted to germinate in the dark and establish a good rooting inside the growing medium.

First watering test.