Log #5 First grow

A project log for Microwth - automated microgreen farm

Microwth enables you to grow your own soilless microgreens indoors to add to your meals

brambram 12/08/2019 at 12:260 Comments

Grow results (cress)

This week I grew some microgreens in the Microwth without intervention, there were a few glitches that seems to be fixed by adding an adequate power supply and shielding/filtering to the pump. The results of after a week are really nice as can be seen above.


I've uploaded all the hardware and software files to Github, set up proper version control and added some issues to work on. The current master branch aren't production ready files but I will continue getting the files ready in the dev branch.


I received the tee barbs and designed a bracket to nicely mount the tubing. The next feature to add to the design is a water reservoir, I've been looking for something but I am not quite sure where to mount it.

The 3D files can be found on the Github page and are available in step and ipt format. An assembly instruction will be made but I will focus on new functionality first.

Cloud software ideas

The standalone software is fully working and only a few enhancements should be made, that's why I will start looking into ways to connect the systems to the internet for more precise control and data logging.

I would like to create something to help with the planning, send reminder and warnings. For this I would need a web application with an API to connect the Microwth to.