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A project log for MCP3564-Breakout

A breakout board for Microchip's highly-flexible rail-to-rail ADC

J. Ian LindsayJ. Ian Lindsay 10/05/2021 at 02:510 Comments

The OSHPark projects for this breakout were just updated, as was the source repository.

Note about the input filtering
This board is based on Microchip's reference schematic, complete with RC low-pass filters at each input pin. This filters everything above about 16kHz. 

Note about part change
Microchip released a new version of the MCP356x last year. All documentation has been updated, and both the Arduino demo driver, and the non-blocking driver written around CppPotpourri have been updated to work with both versions of the part.

The new version has support for an internal Vref of 2.4V (which also outputs on the REF+ pin. To make matters worse, that internal reference is enabled out of reset. So the driver was extended in such a way as to achieve the old part's behavior (external Vref) unless the flag is passed to use the internal Vref. Why did you select a rail-to-rail ADC to throw away 33% of the range? Oh well....