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A project log for PolySense

Augmenting materials with electrical properties ⚡⚗️

DrixDrix 5 days ago0 Comments

A couple of artistic projects were already born out of the PolySense technique:

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Stymphalian Birds

Stymphalian Birds is an art installation exploring the aesthetics of a hybrid textile at the crossroads of electronics and haute couture. The textile combines traditional hand-crafted elements with digital technology, biological artefacts, and chemistry.

Stymphalian Birds are situated at the intersection between traditional featherwork and material science, the resulting textile offers complex haptic interactions with feathers.

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Digital Topography

This work is already exhibited in a french museum, but the video is still in progress.

This gif illustrates the interaction:

...and in this video made in our hackerspace (, we show the 1st test with capacitive sensing on our own polymerized pleated fabric: