Quantity   Component name
1 × Hirose BM14B connector Actually more than 1 were needed as soldering these connectors onto the PCB is a real headache and most of them ended up molten from the heat.
1 × Sprintek SK5126 Reprogrammable keyboard encoder chip from a company in California which converts a keyboard matrix into a USB output. Same USB is also used for programming the keyboard matrix and other parameters.
2 × PCB one PCB to branch out from the Hirose connector, the other one is to solder the SK5126 chip. Joining both PCB with wires determines the layout of the matrices.
1 × Any android phone one might want to use. In my case it's a Xiaomi because of how easy it is to mess around with and how cheap it is.
2 × N.C. micro sensor switch One switch used to detect the slider's position, the other to detect when a charging cable is connected.
1 × Physical keyboard In my case, I used the keyboard off of a Q10 due to the amount of information available online.
1 × USB 2 and USB C connectors.