I extracted the text to an html file so I could use Google translate to read it.

Machine translation is not perfect, so there are oddities. Europakarte is interpreted as "Europa Karte" i.e. "Map of Europe". However, you can figure out the mistakes if you know what they are likely to mean. I may have a go at creating a translated English version if I have time for it.

I edited the 2-page circuit so they join together neatly. 

There are no PCB patterns, but they are faintly visible on colour figures 6 and 7. Not great, but a better than nothing if you want to start reverse engineering it.

The article refers to itself as "Part 2", teasingly, but I can't find "Part 1" anywhere.  MC looks a great magazine but it hasn't been as well archived as other magazines.

There are no PALs, which is good news for people who have no programmers or dislike programmable logic.

The serial and parallel I/O are the 6551 and 6522 chips respectively.