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Using an 80s handheld for home automation

Matt CallowMatt Callow 11/12/2019 at 11:050 Comments

I bought the Psion and a number of blank 32K DataPaks. I have no Comms Link so no means to get any data onto the Psion (other than typing it in).

So, the first task was to build a DataPak reader/writer.

Jaap's excellent website has all the information I needed to build a DataPak reader/writer. Using an adruino pro micro. This uses 8 pins as a data bus, 5  pins for control (RESET, CLOCK, OUTPUT ENABLE, SLOT SELECT and PROGRAM) and one to generate the programming voltage via a boost converter.

With this, I was able to program the CommsLink 4.2 software into a blank DataPak.