Crickit 3.3-volt Power

A project log for Cedar Grove Robot Friend FeatherWing

A passive FeatherWing adapter for stacking an Adafruit PyBadge or PyGamer onto a Crickit FeatherWing.

CedarCedar 11/12/2019 at 22:170 Comments

Caution: The Crickit FeatherWing is capable of providing up to 150mA of 3.3-volt power to the attached PyBadge/PyGamer Feather. In normal operation without additional FetherWings, the PyBadge/PyGamer will draw about 60mA from the Crickit's internal 3.3-volt regulator. The Crickit will not power the PyBadge/PyGamer's NeoPixels since the NeoPixels derive their power from the PyBadge/PyGamer's battery or USB connection. If blinding lights are needed, use the Crickit's internal NeoPixel (seesaw pin #27) or external NeoPixel connector.