Updated PCB Design

A project log for Cedar Grove RobotFriend FeatherWing

A passive FeatherWing adapter for stacking an Adafruit PyBadge or PyGamer onto a Crickit FeatherWing.

CedarCedar 11/22/2019 at 02:280 Comments

Updated the PCB design to expose more of the hidden Crickit FeatherWing connectors. All connectors will be accessible except for one row of the Signal block that is partially blocked by clearance around two mounting screw holes. The design is heading off to @oshpark tomorrow. Will have to wait for production and delivery before the mechanical alignment of this new version can be double-checked.

Looks like we'll have plans for the weekend. A new rechargeable battery pack for the robot chassis arrives late tomorrow. Will also be experimenting with some slower motors in an effort to smooth out the gradual speed control sequence for starting and stopping.