Building Test Routines

A project log for Cedar Grove RobotFriend FeatherWing

A passive FeatherWing adapter for stacking an Adafruit PyBadge or PyGamer onto a Crickit FeatherWing.

CedarCedar 12/02/2019 at 06:200 Comments

Spent some time to piece together a puzzle of CircuitPython helpers to test all of the Crickit features through the Robot Friend. Discovered that the level of abstraction provided by the Crickit, Seesaw, and Badger libraries locked the I2C bus so that the PyBadge accelerometer and the Stemma interface were unavailable for sensor testing. Given my Python programming skillset, using subclasses of the libraries for each Crickit function seemed to be a good workaround. Stay tuned to see if that was a reasonable premise.

Quickly threw together a draft chart to help remember the Crickit's Seesaw pinout. It'll be refined as the coding progresses.