1.Delay on time test, over load protect test.

2.DC protect test CH1.

3.Thermal protect test.

4.Schematic diagram.

5.All the part we need in this project.


Product list:

NE555 http://bit.ly/2XoGMGK

BD140 http://bit.ly/2HC9qPC

BC550 X2 http://bit.ly/2F5mvyg

1N4148 http://bit.ly/2RQimq8

100nF http://bit.ly/2J35ZTS

10uF/(50V)63V x2 http://bit.ly/2M9qC34

(100uF )220uF/25V http://bit.ly/2RMTpMi

100uF/25V http://bit.ly/2RMTpMi

Relay X2  http://bit.ly/2WmP4m3

2K2 RESISTOR http://bit.ly/2AJVU8g

22K RESISTOR http://bit.ly/2soUICX

680K RESISTOR http://bit.ly/2wwVWOt

100K RESISTOR http://bit.ly/2WmR1ud

103 NTC http://bit.ly/2TNA7DS

POWER COS http://bit.ly/2IrYcfF

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: