IOT Display

Esp8266 based Internet connected tiny display driver for 128x64 OLED I2C Display that can show any data or information from the web

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Oled displays are great for visualizing small amount of data. Having that in mind I thought it’d be useful if I have a small display, connected to the Internet in my work space. The plan is simple, connect the ESP module to Internet to fetch data in real time and display them on the OLED display.
Many libraries are available to control these displays. I find the Adafruit library very easy to understand and use in projects. I am going to use the AdaFruit library in this tutorial. You’ll need to install “adafruit_GFX” library and “adafruit_SSD1306” library. Since I wanted to make a Digital clock that can also display my current Instagram followers count we will also need another library for follower counter also. We will use NTP Server to get the real time and Instastat Library by Brian Lough to get the Instagram Followers count.

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nodemcu12ecanada wrote 08/26/2022 at 14:53 point

For a smoother font you could use the u8g2 library not Adafruit.

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