Identified The Main Chip - still no datasheet though

A project log for Hacking a Cossor (Raytheon) Husky Printer

Printers from military surplus with absolutely no documentation and an obscure interface connector... sounds like a good hacking project.

Andy PrestonAndy Preston 09/19/2020 at 09:100 Comments

Trying to find details of "the main chip".... ironically one of my top Google hits was this very project on HackADay. :/

I've found a Chinese reseller that's selling "the main chip" so, at least, we now know it's designation.

There was a promise of a datasheet at the above address but after they got me to create an account (probably just a way to obtain my E. mail address for spamming), The promised datasheet link just takes you to Panasonic's website.

But at least now we know that it's a Sanyo LA-180D. Although seems to think it was manufactured by Oki.