Not as "done" as I'd thought

A project log for SoundWing Audio I/O Board

Sound in, sound out. Now both on one FeatherWing.

bobgreenwadebobgreenwade 11/27/2019 at 18:010 Comments

From the Department of Always Double-Check Your Stuff: The A1 pin on the Feather is not usable for analog output, so A0 is the only place to hook up the NCS2211. The A1 has thus been completely cut out of the equation.

While I was at it, I migrated the components as much toward the left and bottom ("southwest") as I could, leaving lots of room around the I2C pins. Not surprisingly, there's still not room for an I2C chip, especially considering that two of the ports would have to be analog. I'd still love to make this I2C compatible, but unless I'm missing something here, it's just not meant to be. (There might be room there for something else, though. I just don't know what, yet.)