Getting All The Data

A project log for The Air Quality Wing

Air Quality Featherwing with temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC and eC02.

JaredJared 11/20/2019 at 16:350 Comments

I've been big fan of my Grafana + InfluxDB setup. It's been running strong for months. It gives me great insights on the sensors scattered throughout my apartment.

Here's a screenshot of testing a V2 of the Air Quality Wing and a V4.

Not many differences but the V4 seems more responsive and it's running much cooler. (Notice the spike in TVOC? That's from cooking in the kitchen as I write this!)

I just updated the guide on Grafana to include some steps on adding alerts. You can use Grafana with almost any service. Plus, with web hooks, you can connect to services that aren't built in. 👍