Boards with new silk are ready

A project log for Viam Sonus 2.0

An audio router board with integrated volume control and buffered output

J. Ian LindsayJ. Ian Lindsay 12/12/2019 at 23:030 Comments

After some hangups with USPS, the new boards are finally built and assembled as of last night. Photos updated to reflect reality.

The value of a stencil

With as many fine pads as this board has, the first few units took me about 1.5 hours each to assemble. Of that, most of the time was spent painting solder paste onto pads. I ordered a stencil for this one, and measured assembly time last night. 

Linear time costs (paid once per board with or without stencil):

The step costs that differ with a stencil are...

Constant time costs (paid once for each assembly session):

Lesson learned: I figure the stencil saves about 130 minutes per board, and gives far cleaner results, besides. Highly recommended, even for assembly of one unit of this pad count.