Well, what can I say. I guess the first thing is that I need a controller of sorts if I ever decided to just start over and make an actual living, breathing, errr.........um, yeah. If I ever wanted to make an animatronic that it's weight in gold then I'm better off starting over and onto a newer project of sorts, which if I get a job wouldn't be Steve.

       Steve would be more of a haunted house gag. I want to build him a body, and then mount his head onto a neck mechanism and the head would have some kind of motion detection camera where the head and eyes would follow people and would freak people out if they got too close. That, and I'm think not to work out a body structure until I get the neck mechanism in place because the whole structure is going to be some type of heavy.

      Excuse me for my grammar I only had one cup of coffee today. From Steve would be possibly Steve 2.0, or basically start over after I've Corraled all the different parts for these things after I get a job and have some form of entertainment in the latter of a workshop, and to some extent have somewhat of a basis of a foundation because quite frankly I know that Steve 2.0 would be breaking out all the stops, including and not limited to following eyes, moveable limbs, and a voice box with an actual chat bot wired into it. Dubbed Steve Corral he would become some sort of monster that would come alive at night after watching The Office, and would have a pention for world domination and making tacos. :) If only in the end I would only turn him on on Tuesdays, but like any other animatronic or robot hell bent on stealing people's jobs he's left to working nights at Chipotle and having a taste for bud light, said no one ever. Thank you to whoever it was that didn't give me my time to do what I want because in the end I'm doing exactly what I want, so put that in your vape pen and smoke Trebeck.

This message will self-destruct after filing for a lawsuit against all the other robots over copyright infringement and for a lack of hot sauce.