• Open source...

    Benjamin Prescher11/26/2019 at 17:59 0 comments


    I would say the big steps are taken. Everything is up an running an you can get the 3D parts on Thingiverse and as well as the software on github . Enjoy!

  • Hang it!

    Benjamin Prescher11/21/2019 at 10:56 0 comments

    After some "dry exercises" it was finally time: The Raspberry got its new task as a "Smart Home Central"...

    Here are some steps I did to get everything up and running:

    1.  At first I build everything up and checked for electrical functionality
    2.  After this I used a a clean new install of "Raspbian Buster with desktop"
    3. Manually created wpa_supplicant.conf because the Raspberry Pi 3A+ does't have a ethernet connection and I wanted to configure the Pi remotely (even if you are using a touch display, there is no virtual keyboard pre-installed) wpa_supplicant (German)
    4. Installed remote desktop protocol:
      1. sudo apt install xrdp
      2. sudo reboot
    5. Installed virtuall keyboard
      1. sudo apt-get update
      2. sudo apt-get install at-spi2-core florence
      3. sudo reboot

    After this it was time to read out some temperature data from the BMP280:

    1. Installed Adafruit blinka
    2. Installed Adafruit BMP280 Lib

  • First steps...

    Benjamin Prescher11/17/2019 at 16:16 0 comments

    The possibilities of the Raspberry Pis invite you to make the panel a bit smarter. I still have quite a few WS2812b LEDs available, as well as a BOSCH BMP280 sensor with which I can still realize a temperature measurement.

    So having all the components together I cut out the cut-out for the display with a jig saw. After this I started designing all the needed parts with fusion 360 and printed them.