PCB Change

A project log for LoRaWAN Feather

An Adafruit-compatible, LoRaWAN-compatible board.

andyAndy 12/21/2019 at 18:290 Comments

Noticed while reading over the STC3100 datasheets that I made a hardware layout mistake.  The first revision boards will function, but accuracy is reduced.  According to AN3395 Section 4, Number 2.  The GND pin of the STC3100 should be directly connected to the CG- pin of the current sense resistor and not through the ground plane.  The PCB layout around the STC3100 is pretty open, so the change was easily made.  The board version has been bumped to B0 and all fab files updated in the GitHub repo.  I also changed R16 and R17 to be DNP by default.