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CDCNC: Making a capable CNC mill from CD/DVD drives

paul-mcclayPaul McClay 03/02/2022 at 05:230 Comments

This log is about the unexpected breadth of a narrow glimpse into where in the world people read hackaday.COM (vs.

tl:dr; a brief traffic bump from . . . all over the map

I use vimeo to share videos. Vimeo shows me basic stats like which domains and which countries people click in from. Since learning a little of how to use vimeo's limited stats interface for free accounts, I've become something of a junkie for watching all the different countries where someone thought something here was worth a minute to watch. Most views come from Very few views come from hackaday.COM. Few viewers visit this project (because superseded).

Last Christmas day (2021 Dec 25) I noticed a "big" bump in traffic. "Big" here meaning more than the usual sparse dribble — over 200 views by the 28th.

Nearly all video views were coming from hackaday.COM.

All of the hits from hackaday.COM were viewing the lead video for this project.

That was all sorts of unusual. So I checked at and found a blog post about [Nemo404]'s make of "MINI LINEAR ACTUATORS FROM DVD DRIVE PARTS" by Jenny List, which she concluded with: "And introduce yourself to the world of CD drives for CNC machines by taking a look at this mill." ☚ link to this project. (A citation for Christmas☺- thanks Jenny!)

Vimeo was seeing people who:

  1. read Jenny's article at hackaday.COM all the way through to the last sentence, and then
  2. clicked the link to this project, and then
  3. clicked in this project page to watch the video.

So figure that was a pretty small slice of people who saw the article at

Even that small slice of people reading the article at about something else, 314 views between Christmas and New Years Eve, came from 38 different countries! (...already 37 by the 28th, extended the window to the 31st picks up a viewer from Japan)

Top 10:

  1. US
  2. Germany, Italy
  3. (tie)
  4. UK
  5. Canada, Spain
  6. (tie)
  7. France
  8. Netherlands, Sweden
  9. (tie)
  10. Denmark

The rest, alphabetically:

Aside: in the rest of 2021 vimeo recorded 94 views from, all for the same video, in 358 days (0.26/day) before this run of 314 views in 7 days (45/day≈170x); the map shows a few more countries from the rest of 2021 in yellow.

map made with