The Electric Creaser

A project log for Hot Foil Leather Stamping and Electric Creaser

A DIY version of the industrial machines

vincentmakesvincentmakes 12/05/2019 at 19:220 Comments

I didn't receive my parts for the part 1 of the project so I skipped directly to part 2

Here's the steps:

1. Remove the tip from the manual creaser

2.File the handle, and tap it at 4mm

3.Screw the adapted creaser tip on the wood burning pen

4.Attach the Thermocouple K using a hose binding

Here's the whole setup

And the end result is perfect !

Because the tip is so large, the temperature of the process has to be set 50C higher than it's supposed to be but in the end it works and the ensemble is very sturdy despite it's appearance