• Running on Auto

    Daryll01/11/2020 at 19:04 0 comments

    Updated RobotThis is a big update to the code base with a many improvements. The big news is that it is running really well. It's fast, mostly correct, and has a much nicer interface. It's now down to 1.6s/step so it can make it around the park in less than 10 minutes with a bit more than 3 minutes spent running the motors to move. You can also do a full data collection run with all the photos in less than 30 minutes.
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  • Around the Park in 30 Minutes

    Daryll12/21/2019 at 19:51 0 comments

    Performance of the robot in driving only mode is about 3x better. The robot can drive itself around the park in about 30 minutes instead of 90. The vast majority of the time is now spent while RVR is executing motion commands. More details below.

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  • A Walk in the Park

    Daryll12/04/2019 at 20:24 0 comments

    Park PathYesterday my autonomous robot successfully drove itself (*) around the park. 90 minutes to do a loop. There's more information on what I've done and my plans below.

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  • Successful Deep Learning

    Daryll11/29/2019 at 19:59 0 comments

    The DRVR code base and robot can now be operated with a cell phone to collect training data, and the training results in a neural network that produces what I think are good results. The code is in the git repository.

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  • DRVR has a web interface

    Daryll11/24/2019 at 01:05 0 comments

    DRVR is doing better data collection. It now has a web interface which makes it easier to operate from a cell phone in hotspot mode.