Picking this up again

A project log for $7 ESP32 CAM example expanded

A proper implementation of a ESP32 CAM webserver; based on the Espressif example, but extended for real-world use

OwenOwen 01/23/2021 at 14:030 Comments

I needed to take a break from all things IT related, but since a new year is here I'm going to do a little more work on this project.

Probably not too much, however.

* A basic version with no face recog, but with OTA is my first step.

* Multi-connection streams next.

* I want to experiment with NTP and overlays; I think this is doable for all mode by overlaying while the frames are in the framebuffer, code to do this is already present and used for annotating face recognition. Fonts and Background hinting may be limited.

* I might even move to a more coherent Wifi Framework as part of implementing OTA

Finally; I'm waiting (patiently) on the 1.5 ESP IDF release for Arduino. It should be here soon..