Wireless monitoring of RAD2 with LoRaWAN

A project log for RAD2 (Research Activity Detector version 2)

This motion logging Feather-compatible shield contains a PIR motion sensor, real time clock (RTC), microSD card slot, and 3 signal LEDs

Lex KravitzLex Kravitz 11/24/2019 at 16:540 Comments

RAD2 has onboard datalogging capabilities, so it can be used as a very low power device.  However, it is often convenient to access data in real-time.  As RAD2 is Feather compatible, it can be used with any WIFI, BLE or other wireless Feather. 

We have been using it with the MCCI 4610, a Feather compatible LoRaWan radio board. 

We send the data from each device to the Things Network through a gateway, where it is stored in an InfluxDB database, queried by NodeRed, and visualized with Grafana.  Instructions on how this works are here.

Example interactive dashboard can be found at