1. Adjustment and test.

2. Item from OLD ATX PSU.

3. Some other parts from Utsource.

4. Install the components and solder them.

Product list:

Resistor 10K http://bit.ly/2TMSWXV

Resistor 20K http://bit.ly/2TPQ9Rh

Resistor 1K http://bit.ly/2XXF9R3

Resistor 2K2 http://bit.ly/2AJVU8g

Resistor 470K http://bit.ly/2IYHZzx

VR3296 50K http://bit.ly/2px8dCo

Resistor 10R http://bit.ly/2UTDASo

Transistor S8550 http://bit.ly/30BsXWV

Transistor S8050 http://bit.ly/32qs9FN

Mosfet IRF3205 http://bit.ly/2AMKJM7

Diode 1N4148 http://bit.ly/2RQimq8

Fast Diode MUR460 http://bit.ly/2RMiNSh

Capacitor 4700uF/25V http://bit.ly/2mcGwgk

Capacitor  100uF/500V http://bit.ly/2TO4cU0

Capacitor 33nF http://bit.ly/32Agows

Capacitor 1nF http://bit.ly/2SYCB2s

Capacitor 10uF http://bit.ly/2M9qC34

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: