• Hardware Overview

    Tom11/26/2019 at 17:40 2 comments

    When opening the housing,

    there are some eye-catchers: 

    • The part numbers of the instrumentation amplifiers and of the differential amplifiers are burnished away.
    • The white wire which connects the negative supply of the differential amplifiers.
    • There is no galvanic insulation between the USB port and the measurement circuit.

    The PCB is assembled single sided, probably it is a 4 layer stack-up. 

    Using a microscope i was able to read the part numbers of the burnished components. You find a list of the key components in the components list!

    The clock output of the device is connected directly to the CPLD pin using a 33 ohm resistor.

    From the hardware perspective this devices looks well designed with little discomforts:

    • The 4mm banana connectors do have a very bad quality
    • There is no galvanic insulation between the measurement circuit and USB