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This sample game shows an implementation of single player pong. The player uses the up / down buttons on the d-pad to control the left paddle. The game controls the right paddle by trying to keep it centered on the ball.

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  • Pew Pew M4

    foamyguy03/19/2020 at 02:53 0 comments

    My Pew Pew arrived today. I figured pong was a good place to start so I had a go at making this project work on it. Spoiler: we made it! 

    When I made this game initially it was on an Edgebadge and the use of the pybadger library allowed it to work on all pybadges and the pygamer. 

    I see now this is actually somewhat limiting. For now I have re-written it to use gamepad instead of pybadger. This allows the dpad buttons to work with the pew pew. But it does not translate back to the pybadger because the buttons are connected to a shift register. Perhaps we can have abstraction layer somewhere that can check which device it's on and make commonly used buttons work the same way. 

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