Update on the project status

A project log for HVAC System for a Plant Growth Chamber

A final year project that aims to design and build an open source plant growth chamber HVAC system and using an Arduino for control.

pharoakpharoak 03/24/2020 at 13:200 Comments

Hope you are all well. Due to the current situation imposed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the university has closed all facilities and the government has laid new rules for everyone to stay at home. On this basis, some aspects of the project would not be able to progress, thus the project would now focus more on the development of a HVAC system, testing all the components and insulating material. If the progress of this aspect was fast and I was able to obtain other components, i would be able to develop an irrigation system as well. 

However, I will add every component that I would have used before the current circumstances to the Components list on the project page to be available for you.

Hope you all stay safe!