Chamber Body_4: Proof of Concept

A project log for HVAC System for a Plant Growth Chamber

A final year project that aims to design and build an open source plant growth chamber HVAC system and using an Arduino for control.

pharoakpharoak 04/03/2020 at 16:140 Comments

As mentioned in Chamber Body_3 log, the chamber walls will consist of 3 mm acrylic, 25 polyurethane and 6 mm plywood. Unfortunately, due to the current situation (Covid-19) its not possible to obtain acrylic and plywood and cut them under the designed measurements. 

However, as I have obtained polyurethane sheet before the events caused by the corona virus, I was able to assemble the chamber using only polyurethane. 

I cut through the sheet using a kitchen knife as it is the only thing available, so as you can see the cuts aren't uniform and the tolerances aren't consistent. This can be seen clearly in the pictures below.

The edges of the base were cut to be 6 mm in thickness, this caused the edges to collapse and therefore i used cardboard to glue the parts together. 

The following was concluded from the assembly:

The next steps would be: