• Chamber Body_1 : Locking Design

    pharoak01/25/2020 at 16:52 0 comments

    For the body of the chamber, I decided that I would build it by manufacturing the walls and design them in a way that they would interlock together to form the box-like figure of the chamber.

    I came up with different designs and decided to go with the one shown in the figures bellow. Basically, the walls would have cuts at their edges where they would house the shuriken-shaped structures. The shuriken structure, has similar cuts in the edges to interlock with the cuts in wall edges. The shuriken has 4 of these cuts at its 4 edges. The reason for this is to allow the shuriken to be connected to different walls at the same time acting and holding the walls together. The aim was to have the ability to build several chambers at the same time using the shuriken structures. 

    After the building a small scale prototype, I was able to test the following: 1) ease of assembly, 2) interlocking strength of the shuriken structure, 3) how the box encloses together. 

    The results where as follows:

    1) There was an excessive tolerance between the shuriken and the walls at the cuts/locking area, which made it hard for the whole structure to hold together without tumbling over itself

    2) This also made it harder to assemble and was not user friendly at all

    3) After connecting it with glue there was spaces between the edges in the corners making the boxes not completely enclosed 


    1) It would be best to abandon the shuriken structure for holding the box together. 

    2) It would be better to allow for some sort of glue to be added to the assembly process

    3) It would be smarter to connect the walls together without having a third structure facilitating it

  • Lighting System_1 : LEDs

    pharoak11/26/2019 at 00:37 0 comments

    I'm currently searching for LEDs specifically full white light, 455 nm blue, 660 nm red and 730 nm far-red LEDs. I got these wavelength values from multiple papers and communicating with Grobotic Systems, which is a smart growth chamber manufacturers.  The design in mind is a similar to a beehive, where LEDs of different wavelengths are placed next to each other, each contributing to the total radiation output. 

    Next I'll be looking for reflective surfaces to attach to the walls to increase the overall light intensity of the chamber.