Tinymovr r2 design complete

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Affordable, precise, integrated motion control for robotics

YannisYannis 12/15/2019 at 10:140 Comments

The design of Tinymovr r2 is complete. The board measures 40x40mm, that is 4mm less than r1 on each side. It also features a new magnetic angle sensor, MA730 by Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), which is lower cost than the AM5047/AM5048, and therefore further pushes down the cost of the driver.

The new board also features beefier shunt resistors which allows it to handle bigger currents.

Here below is a preview rendered using Fusion360. Not all components 3D models are available, so some are not visualized.

Boards will be arriving early January, and I'll be reporting on initial testing shortly after.