R3 in production, First Tinymovr integration to robotic leg

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Affordable, precise, integrated motion control for robotics

YannisYannis 03/23/2020 at 19:070 Comments

Let me start this log by wishing everyone good health in these extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed strict rules that we are mostly unaccustomed to, however it is crucial that we remain patient and not deviate from our individual responsibilities in preventing further spread of the virus.

With most regions in China already recovering from the health crisis,  PCB manufacturers are now able to undertake orders with a predictable time schedule, albeit inevitably with some delay. Having this in mind, I am happy to inform that I have sent the latest Tinymovr design, R3, to the PCB manufacturer as of yesterday. The boards are expected end of April/early May.

The R3 has several changes from the previous revision, featuring a Qorvo PAC5527 MCU, a MPS MA702 magnetic angle sensor, high quality TDK ceramic caps, compact DF13 connectors all over and holes for mounting XT30UPB power connector. Also, the pads for the motor leads are wider than in the previous release.

In addition to the above, I'm happy to report that the two remaining Tinymovr R2.1 boards in my possession are now integrated in the robotic leg that I mentioned in the previous log. Apart from some rotor synchronization issues arising from encoder limitations (outlined in previous posts), the leg seems to have no issue lifting 670g, with a maximum armature current of 8A:

Stay tuned for the next update!