Tinymovr December Update

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Affordable, precise, integrated motion control for robotics

YannisYannis 12/12/2020 at 14:160 Comments

Things have been moving at a fast pace in terms of development, with the firmware and studio receiving updates all around. In a nutshell the following major updates have been completed:

from tinymovr.units import get_registry
ureg = get_registry()
A = ureg.ampere
s = ureg.second
rad = ureg.radian
tm1.set_pos_setpoint(1.0*rad, 0*rad/s, 0.5*A)

The second and third arguments to the function above are feedforward values for velocity and current. 

Keep in mind that the addition of units may break some programs that you might have built around Tinymovr Studio API. To restore broken functionality, it is usually sufficient to modify your calls to getters to work with units. Alternatively, for a quick fix, you can obtain the "magnitude" property of the object returned. See the docs for more information on units.

If you prefer to take some time before diving in the latest changes, the last major version (0.2.x) is still available on PyPI and you can install it easily as follows:

pip uninstall tinymovr # if tinymovr is installed
pip install tinymovr==0.2.7

Finally, here are two of the latest demos of Tinymovr. The first demonstrated full-body kinematics on the Tinymovr Quad. The second demonstrates a ‘telepresence’ device: A pair of Tinymovr controllers and motors that mirror each others dynamics.

The code to this last demo is available at the Tinymovr Github repo.

Stay safe and stay tuned for updates!