Tinymovr February Update

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YannisYannis 02/13/2021 at 22:000 Comments

Back with another update in what seems to resemble a regular monthly update cycle :D 

The big news is the release of the new Tinymovr R3.4, with immediate availability of boards in store. There is a temporary shortage of Dev Kits, but these should be restocked by the end of the month. Tinymovr R3.4 features some optimizations in power routing, allowing wider traces and better via interconnects between layers. Also, all IOs are now properly labeled, and a small geometry deviation with the board shape is fixed! So head over to the Tinymovr store to find out more!

Besides, this month’s update brings two important improvements to the Tinymovr firmware (0.8.4) as well as to Studio (0.3.4).

The first is support for gimbal motors out of the box. It is now possible to set the motor type to gimbal and specify resistance and inductance (those are not measured in gimbal mode, so to find them consult your motor datasheet), and continue with calibration as normal. The firmware will detect all other parameters except R and L as usual, and you will be able to use the motor in all control modes.

Here is a video of a gimbal motor driven by Tinymovr:

The second concerns an important fix to a bug in the scheduler that would sometimes permit “dead” control cycles, due to the MCU entering sleep state prematurely. This has been fixed and minor improvements were done to the scheduler as well.
Besides, minor improvements are to be found all around, from documentation to Tinymovr studio, testing, and CI. For more details, check out the commit history.

Finally, here are a few updates on projects using Tinymovr:

Till next month, stay safe and stay tuned!