Meet the new Tinymovr Dev Kit R2

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YannisYannis 03/06/2021 at 22:130 Comments

I'm glad to report that the upgraded Tinymovr Dev Kit R2 is available in the Tinymovr store

The new Dev Kit R2 is more compact, and can be used as an integrated servo actuator in your next robotics project! Simply detach the mount from the 3D printed stand using the two screws, and integrate it into your robot! Full 3D CAD drawings are available.

R2 has been upgraded from the ground up to include a new R3.4 Tinymovr, a MAD 5005 350Kv motor, and a precision CNC machined mount! The new R3.4 Tinymovr, included with the new Dev Kit, has an enhanced PCB layout for better heat dissipation, and better labeling of all headers onboard.

Learn more at the Tinymovr store.