Some Much Needed Tidying

A project log for CSV TileMap Game

CircuitPython example game that reads the initial map state from a CSV file stored on the device.

foamyguyfoamyguy 11/29/2019 at 21:160 Comments

Now that the basics of this system are working how I had originally imagined them I've gone back and cleaned things up a bit and tried to add detailed comments about everything happening. 

With that taken care of I have updated the code py file in the repo and files section to the latest version. Hopefully this can now serve as a good starting point for someone looking to build a tile based game.

I will probably leave the other variants of the code py file in the repo and files section in case anyone wants to see the different stages of development. But for now I would recommend starting from the current main code py file. It has all of the features and is the most well commented.

I think now I'll take a break from working on the engine to build one or two specific games using this system.