The toast lever doubles as a power lever with the timer knob being the volume control, so it feels like you’re making toast when in reality you’re making some sick beats, yo. Under the thing in the breadcrumb tray is a triplet of potentiometers for controlling the color of the RGB LEDs, each one limiting the current going to a single color. The coolest and most entrancing part is that the LEDs can not only change color, but they pulse with the beat of the music that’s being played, too. Although it’s not an incredibly loud amplifier driving the speakers, I could honestly spend hours staring at the lights.

The electronics portion isn't complicated at all. The music is amplified by some old computer speakers where both audio channels go through the right channel on the amplifier that can be controlled with a potentiometer. Both audio channels also go through the left channel on the amplifier which is hardwired at max amplification and sent directly through the RGB LEDs so they're always pulsing.