For yous all following at home.

A project log for ES-200 Electric Scooter Unlocker

Our streets are becoming litter with high technology joy. These forgotten scooter must be reverse engineer and given the love they deserve.

Mr. SpriggsMr. Spriggs 12/17/2019 at 13:231 Comment

So if just if anyone at home is interested in testing out the new command injection firmware it is intended for a ESP32 (i.e. Adafruit Huzzah32) The reason being is it has 2 hardware serial ports. One of the ports is sending to the scooter the commands over Serial1. The other is being used for debugging and sending commands to the ESP32 i.e. Serial 

 You can do this with an Arduino Nano but it would need to be updated with a SoftSerial command to work.


BIGREDROBOTS wrote 12/18/2019 at 06:38 point

Nice work!

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