Blinka's Breakout

CircuitPython implementation of a game similar to Atari classic Chip's Challenge

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Example Game built using: Control Blinka with the D-Pad and collect all of the chips. Once you have you can get the robot, then the only thing left to do is get to the heart to breakout! You'll have to dodge fire and water along the way as well as navigate slippery ice floors and bustling conveyor belts.Try creating your own levels by editing the map csv file

main code file

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first map

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second map

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third map

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  • Pew Pew M4!

    foamyguy03/20/2020 at 01:25 1 comment

    My Pew Pew M4 arrived this week. Naturally I am working on getting my previously developed games working on it. Blinka's Breakout is next up! Unfortunately my button handling code is not very portable beyond the pybadge/pygamer devices. I've reworked it a bit to use ugame and it's now working on the Pew Pew.

    Some of the colors are off a little bit (blue fire, yellow ice, red water!) but everything seems to be functioning correctly 

  • Proper introduction video and another new map

    foamyguy12/22/2019 at 02:59 0 comments

    I've made a better introduction video that actual explains the game rather than the old silent film one.  It's embedded in the details section. 

    The next video will get into a bit more of the detail of the map making process. Speaking of which: 

    There is also another new map in the repository map4.csv, we're up to 5 total now. I still want to make some more, but I'd also love to include some community maps if anyone else wants to create some.

  • Another new map and more

    foamyguy12/19/2019 at 03:25 0 comments

    I've updated the repo and the files section with another new map, map3.csv. There is also a small tweak to the main code py to guard against the player moving off the edge of the map if there isn't a wall there. 

    In building the new map I did run up against a MemoryError when trying to load the map. map3.csv is about as big as maps can be right now give or take a few rows or columns before it gets to be too much and throws the error during loading the map. 

    I think we can make the map loading and storage a bit more memory friendly by assigning number IDs to each tile type and then using a dictionary to look them up. I'll probably explore this avenue and if it's fruitful add it as an update to the main CSV Tilemap Game project.

  • New map and better camera positions

    foamyguy12/16/2019 at 03:17 0 comments

    I've updated the repository. There is a new map (map2.csv) as well as some better positioning control of the camera. I'll be working on some more maps, but if anyone else out there wants to try their hand at creating some and would be so kind to share them I'd be grateful, drop a comment here or make a pull request. 

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Melissa LeBlanc-Williams wrote 06/30/2020 at 15:27 point

Nice job! I've ported Chip's Challenge to the Pocket PC using C++ before (, so I'm familiar with what it takes to make this game. I bet using python made it much easier, though you had to work with a much smaller screen than I did.

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Mike Szczys wrote 12/02/2019 at 21:22 point

Came to also mention Chip's Challenge. Looks great!

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Dan Maloney wrote 12/02/2019 at 16:51 point

Nicely done! Very Chip's Challenge-y

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