How to make forever running motors?

Objective: Always running, very low power pulse motor, on solar energy with super cap storage.

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My goal
My goal is to make ‘forever’ running electric motors on solar power with super cap storage.
So, also by darkness, cloudy sky, winter and in-home light conditions; it keeps on going.
A supercap stores energy for the ‘dark times’. The circuit is using less than 100 micro ampere.
Magnetic bearings are reducing the friction to a minimal. Experimenting in this very low power
field requires a specific approach in mechanics, electronics and measurements.

My starting point
Solar panel 500 mW and a Supercap of 50F 3V maximum
The challenge is to keep the objects small, windowsill size.
Forever, eternal and always means at least a year testrun.
Simple design has the most chance to resist wear or stop.
This project has no perpetuum mobile nor free energy claim.

Meeting friends
Coming in my room with this ‘fragile moving entities’ is meeting friends.
It is my way to come into contact with the everlasting power of the sun.

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