Programming Header Simplification

A project log for Electronic Load 3.3V-16V 1A

Electronic load that supports 3.3V-16V at 1A of current. Equipped with keypad, LCD, rotary encoder, STM32 Microcontroller and more!

schwarzrmsuschwarzrmsu 12/21/2019 at 04:530 Comments

I have been getting annoyed with my current programming header connections:

The connections need to be individually un-done and re-done if you want to disconnect the programming tool from the PCB. Therefor i have decided to make an adapter board that would make my programming interface directly compatible with the main 14 pin header on the STLINK-V3:

Image result for st link v3

Below is the schematic I created:

Below is the board I designed:

I ordered these boards on OSH Park, and took advantage of the cool "After Dark" option that is currently available:

This board construction is really cool because it uses a dark substrate and a clear soldermask.  This makes it look like the copper is exposed, but it is in fact under a layer of clear solder resist material.

The construction on these boards is really incredible.  The copper etching and silk screen definition is insanely good.

I then soldered the connector to the board, and this jumper board to my PCB:

I then connected to the STLINK-V3 using the 14 way ribbon cable as mentioned earlier:

After a quick test, I was able to connect to my micro-controller and successfully flash the micro-controller.  This makes disconnecting and reconnecting the STLINK-V3 much easier.  This also cleans up my bench setup as well.

Hope you found this interesting.  Thanks for reading.