Checking it twice

A project log for KSP HOTAS Supplement

A supplemental control and info panel for my HOTAS setup for playing Kerbal Space Program. The first of three planned controller iterations

AdamAdam 12/15/2019 at 00:070 Comments

All of my components finally showed up, so it was time to check all of the footprints.  

Good news!  They were all correct.

More good news! The big triangular buttons are even cooler in person than I hoped!

Bad News!  The Z height of the character display didn't match my assumptions, so my layout wouldn't work. 

So, time for a new layout.  After playing around with the parts, I found that my original layout plan would basically work if I made a cutout for the display and the board slightly wider.  The whole thing will be less wide than my compact keyboard, so good enough.

I've send my boards out to fab and hope to get them back in about a week.

My big stumbling block right now is that I need to get my soldering station set up so I can make my rev 0 test version and then stuff the real boards when they come in.  However, There is a bed frame in they way that I need to get rid of and I haven't had any one come through on picking it up.  :-/

Anyway - pictures!

Board front layout and parts check.  Love those buttons!

Board back layout and parts check