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An open hardware reading device

joey castillojoey castillo 12/30/2019 at 18:380 Comments

Some quick notes on The Open Book at end of year. First: after a lot of people asked about donations, I made a Patreon page where folks can support the work. But whatever, on to the work itself: rev 4 was a success! The new features (mic shutdown, VBUS monitor, battery full LED) work as expected, and I've updated the Arduino core and the Open Book library with support for the new pinout. I also designed a basic 3D printed enclosure and another in laser-cut wood. Both are compatible with both the Open Book board and the eBook Wing (by rotating the back piece 180 degrees).

I've expanded the custom e-ink driver I've been writing with waveforms for quick refresh, grayscale mode and partial refresh. Improving partial refresh is a TODO item; my current waveform causes temporary ghosting after a while, and I worry it may have negative long-term effects. But I sense that if I add an invert phase to BB and WW it will improve things (at the cost of a little bit of flickering).

Oh! I also trained a TensorFlow Lite model to recognize voice commands on the inline mic, to show my current thinking for future accessibility work. Gives good demo, even if it has trouble with the word "left". 

That's accomplishments. Now, a couple of challenges:

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and support, and happy new year! See you in the new decade.