A project log for USB-C Power Delivery Sink (BCR)

A USB-C PD Sink up to 20V 5A based on the Cypress CYPD3177 USB PD Controller

MagicWolfiMagicWolfi 12/08/2019 at 20:540 Comments


Assembly of the QFN-24 parts were as simple as possible. A tiny bit of solder on the center pad on the PCB. Then hit it with hot air until the solder melts. Place the part, that all other pins line up. Once cooled, the part will not move any more and the external pins can be soldered by applying a liberal amount of flux, then dragging the iron tip with some solder on it, across the pins until all pin accepted some solder. Done!

All other components are easy to solder.

And then there was the 5-postion rotary switch. Unfortunately, the datasheet showed the pinout in bottom view. Luckily it is a through hole switch, so I can just solder it from the bottom and it is going to work but a revision 2 will happen very soon.

The mid mount USB-C connector is a thing of beauty. Through hole tabs make it really sturdy and the VBUS and GND pins are grouped together, which makes it easy to fan out a thick trace for the high current. And the profile height is very low.