This is only the mechanics for the smartwatch, no electronics. This is just a model that's a proof of concept, and therefore does not have room for the electronics. It is bulkier than the ideal thinness because I designed it to work with gears you can buy online so you don't have to machine your own. However, with the current design, you'll still have to file down the gears to be thinner.

It is designed so when you lift the "screen" up, the gears unfold the keyboard. The purpose of this design is to fit a keyboard that's large enough to type on in a space as small as a watch. I wanted this design because I feel like without a keyboard there isn't much use for a smartwatch. Ideally, the lid would be attached to the main axle with a torsion spring so that if the user pushes on the keyboard or screen separately, none of the moving parts would be damaged.

Gear List

4x spur gear 3mm ID 6mm OD 0.5 modulus

2x gear rack at least 50mm long 0.5 modulus

2x bevel gear 90degrees 3mm ID OD 8mm 0.5 modulus

M3 rods 1x 42.5mm, 1x 13mm, 3x 7mm

2x 3mm ID torsion spring (one connecting the lid to the main axle, the other for connecting the lid to the frame. This way, you can press a button for the whole thing to pop open and have protection so the gears will not be stripped.)