automatic soccer ball rolling through your garden

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inside the ball a tripod with weels (could you call it a trike?) makes the ball go round. similar to available lawn mowing robots, it is fenced by a wire, and it is able to find the recharge station.

Status: shelved for now
-Quite expensive for a non-sense gadget. On the other hand, I could immediately name 50 products with a worse reasonable vs. price ratio....
- Ball and mechanics need to be stable enough against kicking feet. Or so heavy, that it definitely is no fun to kick!
Applications scenarios:
- private gardens - imagine elderly people where kids have left, they want something move in their garden?
- hotel garden or park - imagine soccer world or EU championship!
- company garden or park - to cheer up employees a bit.

Opinions! Like it? See a market? Interested in spending expertise, time, money?

drop a msg!
best regards from Munich in Germany,
home of world's best Soccer club Bayern Muenchen (as Bayern sees itself)


sorry, german only

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